Weight Loss Update!!


I have lost 15 pounds over the last month!

Might not be a lot to others but BRUH!!!!! -_- It’s been hard work. I had to motivate myself through each and every workout – every solitary one!!!

I’m a stubborn one but I listened to my trainer to the ‘T’ – ate when I should, ate what I should, didn’t eat past 6PM,  monitored my calorie intake – I became a legit calorie counter. I’m no advocate for vegetables but I had to become a believer! I had to “acquire the taste” – as my dad would say!

I had to substitute snacks for a healthy – under 100 calories – smoothie! Now, Ruffles are BOSS – well they were until I realized that it takes me 23 minutes to burn off a bag of Ruffles that took me 8 minutes to eat. Anywho, I digress! This is not not the end of my fitness journey. It never will stop. The workouts were hard at first however my body adjusted after days of massages and tears, it was all worth it!

Thanks to my trainer and all who motivated me and believed in me – I’m extremely grateful. A majority of my family, on my dad’s side, has diabetes and I’m determined to not be another statistic. I’m at 162 pounds now – my journey continues!

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