Fitness Fridays – Step Up Your Glutes


Most girls want that bigger or rounder buttocks. Fitness Friday has got the hook up for you hunni!! 🙂

A bigger butt is achieved by strength training your gluteus maximus, which is the large muscle located in each buttock. As these muscles grow in size, the buttocks gets round and lifts. – my personal trainer taught me well! 🙂


It is imperative to note that you should consult your personal trainer or physician before starting this or any workout routine – you should also listen to your body and know your limits.

Doing this routine 4-5 times a week will definitely reap results – you can ‘up’ your reps if you so desire. This routine requires minimal equipment; the use of a barbell is not absolutely necessary and you may substitute the 5lbs dumbbells with water bottles – that’s what I do when I’m at home. 🙂

Start with simple squats – to improve the effectiveness of the exercise, use 5lbs dumbbells or use the barbells with no weights. – do 3 sets of 16.


Rest for 1 minute.

Squats + Front Kicks – Focus on doing a deep squat before coming back up to kick one leg out in front of your body. – do 2 sets of 10: one set for each leg.


Squat Pulses – Stay low and pulse 4-6 inches at the bottom of the squat motion. If you have to take a break & shake your legs out, do so. – do 3 sets of 10


Rest for 30 seconds.

Step Ups – Step-ups are best done with a raised platform and dumbbells. Stand tall with the raised platform, such as an exercise bench, a chair or a foot stool placed in front of you – you can also use the 3lb dumbbells to improve the effectiveness of the exercise. Contract your abdominal muscles to stabilize your spine and place your left foot firmly on the platform. Push off the ground with your right leg and raise your body to a standing position on the platform. Slowly step back with your left foot and lower your left foot to the ground, then lower your right foot to the ground. – do 4 sets of 16: two sets for each leg.

 step ups

Rest for 15 seconds.

Lunge to a Better Butt – Lunges target and build the muscle of your buttocks. Lunges can be done using your own body weight, dumbbells, or a barbell.


Now get up and do it!!! Lemme know what you think of the routine in the comments below!

Until Next Time…


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