SuperSoulSundays – Songs that touch the Soul


Hey y’all! I don’t know if you guys have that one Church song that just gets you every time..get’s you all in your ‘feels’. Well I have a plethora of Church songs that touch my heart. Let me just state that Fred Hammond’s songs speak to me on another level!!!!

Here are 10 Gospel Songs that I really love, give them a listen when you have the time.

Fred Hammond – ‘No Greater Love’: No one can love you like Jesus can and I believe that Fred couldn’t have expressed it better.

Leann Rimes – ‘Amazing Grace’: If you really meditate on this song, you will realise it’s depths – that makes you want to just fall to the floor and tell God thanks – For everything. We are truly so undeserving.

Fred Hammond – ‘Yes He Will’: This song reminds me not to doubt God, Just pray – live right and believe that GOD WILL.

Kevein Downswell – ‘If It’s Not You’: All or nothing for Jesus! 🙂

Lakewood Church – ‘We Speak to Nations’: This song is about the movement – the army of God standing up against the Devil and proclaiming Jesus Christ as the ruler of the Universe!..and spreading the truth to the world)

Fred Hammond – ‘Thank You Lord (For Being There for Me)’: Just a song of gratitude!

Deitrick Haddon – ‘Have Your Way’: Giving yourself and your situation to God. I know it can be very difficult especially when you are strong willed – like me but it’s worth it!

Ryan Mark & Kevin Downswell – ‘Already Done’: Believing that God will do what he says he will do and claiming your blessing or victory. Again…not doubting God – just believing wholeheartedly.

Youthful Praise – ‘Incredible God’: This song reminds me that my praise must match the magnitude of Jesus Christ *Incredible praise for an Incredible God*

Kirk Franklin – ‘Everyone Hurts’: This song reminds me that hurt/pain is temporary and Gd will heal every broken heart.

A lil something extra!

Kirk Franklin – ‘I Am’ (the featured song on my blog): “not who I was but still not what I shall be” an appreciation of the process and a realisation that where you are is not the end.

Kirk Franklin – ‘Hosanna’: An Amazing praise and worship song. One of the songs I listen to while working out – yep, it’s one of my gym songs


These songs keep me grounded and reminds me daily of whose I am and reminds me of my purpose in life – to inspire!!

These songs keep me in a good mood, regardless of what happens throughout the day – I can’t stay mad when I hear these songs!!!!!

Tell me your favourite Church song(s)


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