Travel Tuesdays – Places to visit while in Jamaica cont’d

I know that I said that this week on Travel Tuesdays I would feature 4 more places to visit while in Jamaica BUT I honestly believe that this hidden Jamaican treasure deserves it’s OWN feature – really shows how amazing God is!!


‘A journey into underworld charm… a speologist’s dream, a green cavern of mystery and adventure, a slice of Jamaica’s history… part of your vacation with a difference… such are the accolades that can be ascribed to the largely unexplored labyrinth of mystical underground caverns called Green Grotto Caves which is surrounded by thick vegetation and supplied with pristine waters flowing from its secret depths.’


Most Jamaicans have not visited the Green Grotto Caves, but those who have will tell you that it is a sight to behold – so beautifully preserved. This week’s Travel Tuesdays features the amazing Green Grotto Caves. Situated on 25.9 hectares of the island’s beautiful North Coast, the Caves are located between the resort centres of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay and are precisely 3.2 km from Discovery Bay to the west and 4 km from Runaway Bay to the east. Green Grotto is 1,525 metres long and 12 metres deep and is characterised by numerous chambers and light holes and a subterranean lake – the Grotto Lake – occupies its bowels.


Your guide will explain the nature of the tour and take you on a 45min walking tour through the caves. It is strongly recommended to wear proper footwear. The highlight of the Green Grotto Caves tour is the descent into the innermost cavern, where visitors will see a crystal-clear underground lake. Ensure that you take in the Rock Solid Lounge Experience.


Visit their website and view the amazing photos:



2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesdays – Places to visit while in Jamaica cont’d

    • You should definitely go, it’s exquisite!!!! The price is reasonable for locals and visitors to the island.

      Awww!! Thank you! Thank you for taking the time out to read my thoughts and thanks for the support.


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