Spotlight Saturdays – inspired4business blog post entitled ‘Try the mirror and be surprised’

This week’s Spotlight Saturday goes to inspired4business blog post ‘Try the mirror and be surprised’. As a converted fast talker – I appreciate this well constructed post.


I was told a long time ago that the best way to get someone to come round to your way of thinking is simply this, creating a sub-conscious connection between you and the other person.

This is done by observing the other person’s body language and the way they are talking to you, such as tone and even words.

“When people are like each other, they tend to like each other”

Now, when speaking to people over the telephone you can almost get into your own routine, ways of doing things and pace of what you are saying. This is something I was guilty of for very a long time as I would speak at a fast tempo and in a rush!! Whereas the other person maybe much more calm and relaxed than me, so they might miss what I am saying. They may not share my enthusiasm or maybe just think I am speaking…

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