Whatever Wednesdays – The beauty of flying with WordPress

Flying with WordPress

All bloggers regardless of how successful you are and regardless of the amount of affiliate offers are thrown at you daily; we write for the love of it! We write because that blinking cursor on a blank Microsoft Word Document *in all its untitled glory* gives us a thrill, it excites us.

We write because this is how we express ourselves best – because when we write our minds are at peace and we feel zen!!! We write because our audience are our friends; our confidants; our mentees; our mentors. As we write – we smile and maybe even do a little dance, because writing is home!

WordPress – not just the site, the support team, the structure of the site and the app, the themes – that we sometimes own and love sooo dearly, y’all already know how much I love my theme – http://bit.ly/1Cq16Zp; the other bloggers and the motivation and advise they give. We can unequivocally state that WordPress is the best site for bloggers – well… I think so!

From the way WordPress says ‘Howdy’ when you Log In to the ever changing humorous footer




WordPress is the best!

People from all around the world come on WordPress to express themselves daily and there is a thrill when you know others feel the same way you do and they appreciate your work.

From the motivation I have received


To the inspiration that y’all give me…daily 🙂

To the appreciation of my work


To the gratitude y’all display when I feature your content


Thank you!!!!!

Thank you again for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award Jenny and Kim! I am truly overwhelmed with joy 🙂

A huge Thank You to all the persons who subscribe to my blog via email!! Thank you for all the comments and views!!
















Thank you all! You all have touched my life! Please continue to support ‘The Movement’ of inspiring others daily!!

***Tell me what you think is the best part of being in the WordPress Family

Inspiration Served Daily…


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