Whatever Wednesdays – About moi

Let’s just get into it!

1. I sleep with one leg out of my covers – my left leg to be exact…every night.

2. I was a twin; my brother died at birth.

3. I can’t choose a favourite colour so I walk around telling everyone that my favourite colour is plaid.

4. I love pens *shrugs* weird…I know.

5. I’m precise when it comes to time and deadlines; if I don’t meet the deadlines set in my head – it bothers me for days.

6. I love tin mackerel, green plantains, banana fritters – which is actually for breakfast this morning (I’ll post how to make my Banana fritters in one of my Tasty Thursdays bloggisodes), i loveee pistachios, I love boiled dumplings – my dad called me dumpling goddess as a child; he actually still calls me dumpling goddess. *covers face*

7. I hate cabbage and I hate pat choi.

8. I am friendly person – I love socializing.

9. I am a great judge of character – so I know how to spot the fakes. Check out T.D Jakes’ video on the Three types of Friends.

10. I am slightly..just slightly… paranoid.

11. Whilst I love socializing; I hate crowds and seeing a lot of people at one time.

12. I am a extremely determined person therefore I am my biggest critic.

13. I love order and organization.

14. I love to see happy people *inserts R. Kelly – Happy People*

15. I LOVE MUSIC; I appreciate all types of songs…my current jams are: Blessings and Honor, Aaja Nachle’s Title Song and Keep it Movin’. Check them out.

16. I love horror movies. – you could refer some, the ones you like that you think I have not already seen, to me…I’m just saying… 🙂

17. I love to travel – you should already know that from my Travel Tuesdays bloggisode.

18. I have frequent headaches – so I get alot of head massages and I meditate a lot. What do you do to relieve your headaches?

19. I have a thing for odd numbers; they look cute to me. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a tad bit about me. I’m perfectly imperfect and a bit quirky!



9 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesdays – About moi

      • I could never do that! Even when it’s really hot and I don’t want to use a blanket, my whole body can be exposed except my feet LOL. Have you tried Chinese cabbage? Or do you hate all cabbage? :O :O
        You’re welcome Shaudae! 🙂 Take your time!


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