Tasty Thursdays – FREE Smoothie Cookbook!!!!

Just in case y’all missed last week’s Tasty Thursdays FREE Smoothie Cookbook…check it out!

Inspiration Served Daily

So again, evvvvveryone knows by now that I LOVE ME SOME SMOOTHIES – I substitute them for meals sometimes ‘cause sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking – I ain’t afraid to say it.


I have something special for you todayyyy!!! Here is a FREE cookbook filled with smoothie recipes that I got from the Eating Well websiteThe calories per serving in the ‘Eating Well Favorite Smoothie Recipes‘ Cookbook range from 81 calories in the Hawaiian Smoothie to 376 calories in the Citrus Berry Smoothie.

EatingWell_Smoothie_Cookbook – Click on the link, right click on the page, ‘click save as’, save & enjoy! Try a few of the recipes & tell me what you think.

#HappyTastyThursday y’all 🙂

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