Fitness Fridays – For the Love of Self!

Sooo, you’re working out! *hashtag fitfam* * hashtag flexing* *hashtag squatnation*…but to what end?

To look good right?

How about working out to let your outside match the beautiful person you are inside?!

How about watching your calorie intake for the long term healthy effect and not only because you want to look good for the summer. Do this for you because you deserve to look AMAZING. Do this because you deserve a happy and healthy life. The fact is that when you were fat or extremely slender your whole life and you start to achieve your ideal body weight; you begin to love the attention you receive and the hype gets to you; that’s human nature. Do not do this for the hype – it ain’t worth it!

We often times work out for all the wrong reasons and in turn we achieve short-term goals; or maybe we initially worked out for the right reasons but along the way – somewhere between the compliments, the second glances we get and the many followers we have gained on various social networking sites – we lost sight of the true vision – to be healthy and happy; but that’s fine, that’s why I’m here, to help you to change your thought process! 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong….

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” – Rick Warren

So let’s not be obsessed with ourselves but love ourselves enough…

  1. Love yourself enough to know that you should do this for you and no one else. #TheHypeFades
  2. Love yourself enough to know when to stop – we, the people who care about you, all know that you want results and we know that you want to share those results with everyone however your health is of utmost importance to us – take care of yourself.
  3. Love yourself enough to block out the negative energy from persons who doubt that you are capable of achieving your goals – the fact is, some people just love to sip on that Haterade!
  4. Love yourself enough to be happy with who you are, work towards your fitness goal and be happy for others.
  5. Love yourself enough to not lie to yourself and allow people in your life who don’t mean you well – even your so called ‘friends’ – never allow anyone to make you feel less of yourself – you are enough!

I’ve been there – fat, sad and alone and it took me awhile to live my own tips. It took me awhile to remove the veil from my eyes to see that I was not being healthy but I was destroying myself physically and mentally and allowing others to destroy me mentally as well. However I realized that I was enough therefore I should love myself enough to know that I can workout at the right pace and achieve my goals just for me – because I am enough.


Achieve Self-Love then Spread Love…

Yours sincerely with a BIG hug,

Abigail Brady a.k.a Shaudae 🙂


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