A Couple Reviews and a major DIY


This post is especially for the ladies!!!!!

Now, I work out, I’m currently on a fitness journey to be 120lbs by June 2015, I’m currently 176 pounds. My fitness journey will be a lifelong one as fitness is a lifestyle. This post is not about fitness so I digress…

…because I work out and I wear a lot of closed toe shoes, one may think it’s an excuse to not take care of one’s feet!!! IT IS NOT AN EXCUSE!! IT IS THE REASON WHY ONE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF ONE’S FEET!


In Jamaica, the cost for a pedicure is approximately $1000 which amounts to $8 US. The last time I went to Florida in January 2010 my cousin’s wife paid about $10 for each us to get pedicures.

Now, if you know me personally or you have been following my blog for awhile or you have read a lot of my posts; you will realize that I love a bargain. Above all, I love an investment. Investment is the word I throw around to define material things (mainly clothes, shoes, dresses, pens..yes pens. I OD love pens, and other stuff) that I may not really NEED now but I think I will need them in the future so I buy them. The word investment keeps me from cursing myself for buying them when I get home. Once again, I digress…

…because I’m a bit cheap but I do love an investment, in December I bought The Conair Foot Bath (with bubbles and heat)..it cost me approx. $5000 JMD (Jamaican Dollars). The Conair Foot Bath really rejuvenates the feet and gives my feet a nice massage. You can definitely see and feel the results in 8 minutes! I give this product a 8 because it does not give you the option to adjust the speed of the massage and it sounds a bit loud when the machine is running.

download (3)


After the massage, I usually polish my toe nails. For the base coat I use the Santee Plus Nail Lacquer Base Coat. I love this base coat because it really is a great foundation for the top coat and it dries easily. This product gets a perfect 10 from me!!

download (1)


After applying the Base Coat, I use the U Scent pink nail polish. Now, about this product, the bottle says its pink but it’s actually RED. Anyways, apart from the obvious blunder, this product dries easily and applies amazingly awesome and dries just as awesome, which a busy girl like me can appreciate!!!! The contents of this product gets 10 stars from me.

download (1)


For the top coat I use the Santee Nail Lacquer Top Coat which is not overly shiny and it also dries really quick, my day is usually busy so I appreciate a fast drying nail polish. The Santee Top Coat gets 10 stars from me.

download (1)


That’s a major part of my DIY pedicure hunnis’!

Uncrust those feet or just give your toes an extra reason to twinkle 🙂

Lemme know what your pedicure routine is like

If you go to the nail salon, like I did in the past, let me know your pedicure experience

Next time I will be reviewing my favourite and most effective cuticle oil!

Until next time…

 Inspiration Served Daily…


4 thoughts on “A Couple Reviews and a major DIY

    • You should, it’s really good! The only diff with a DIY and getting a manicure done at a nail salon or spa is that the nail tech at the salon or spa may give you a deep tissue foot massage while you relax. 🙂


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