Whatever Wednesday – Write To Release

Feeling discouraged? Feeling like you are alone and no one cares? Like you have no one to talk to or share your truest feelings with? Write. Not perfectly constructed paragraphs filled with sentences trying to be something that you are not to which the end result leaves you tied up in paragraphs of oxymoron’s and shit, stop doing that. Just write.


Write how you feel, write what you know, write what you think and write how you want things to be. If you are like me, you write and type sometimes with your eyes close, because that’s when your emotions flow, because that’s when you visualise your obstacles, visualise the things that hurt you the most and the things that are important you. Be it LOVE, CRIME, VIOLENCE, SEXUAL ABUSE, RAGE, HAPPINESS; whatever it is, you close your eyes and you see them, you feel them, you embrace the emotions and you write, to them, about them, for them. You write them away, you write them to stay, you write them because you must attack these issues. You must. Write not because you should, but because you choose to; choose to speak for those you can’t; to speak for those who choose not to; to speak to those who are afraid to.

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Whatever you write about, put your all in it; your blog or book or diary is a reflection of you; an extension of you. It is apart of you. Do not watch the ‘stats’ or the number of followers you have, just write. The right audience will come and come to stay because you evoke an emotion in them. Your writing intrigues them; what you have to say matters to them.

Write for them; write for you. Writing is therapy – there is just something about that blank Word Document with that blinking cursor, waiting for me that arouses every cell in my body.


You were chosen for a reason; utilize your God given talent in the way HE intended.

I hope love reflects life and life reflects love and that you write to embrace and show who you are. Let your words reflect what you have inside. People are reading. Continue to inspire.

Yep, I’m back 🙂

Inspiration Served Daily…


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