Post Workout Snacks – Fitness Friday

So, you did it! You got enough motivation to get to the gym and you had an amazing workout minus the four times to stopped to jam out to your favourite song but that’s no biggie. You did your squats, your leg kickbacks, your core training and you ran like it was nobody’s business on the treadmill, but you still have a fear…

The fear of what lurks outside the doors of your gym – gluten, and grease. They are at the bakery you pass on your way home, at the new pop-up shop outside your gym… they are everywhere but I’m here to tell you the best post workout snacks to try so you can walk out of the gym with confidence!

For the gym bods – our men

You need something that has no artificial flavours and no sweeteners to add to your ‘shake’ – you need protein and there is no better way to get protein than from those Whey Protein Powder you love so much – my boyfriend talks about Whey protein A LOT! You can buy the packets and containers from Amazon for a reasonable price or you can buy them BY THE POUND – I know that y’all will love that, sells them for $8.99 US per lb.

For our welfie queens – our women

You need something to add to your healthy shake apart from raspberries and strawberries – how about banana? If you have been with me since the inception of this blog, you know I love me some banana smoothies!! With a good banana smoothie you’ll need little to no sugar, it’s so delicious!

For a quick after workout snack, energy squares are always a good booster after being drained from a workout. You can make these on your own or you can purchase them – I recommend about 3 energy squares max!


Go forth with the knowledge I’ve given you and stop overthinking what to eat after a workout!


Here are some more healthy post workout snack suggestions.



10 thoughts on “Post Workout Snacks – Fitness Friday

    • Hey Ana! To receive the desired outcome your bf would need to buy the amount which is adequate for him (good thing sells Whey Protein by the lb) plus you can remind him that he can mix it into his after workout shakes which I’m sure is packed with other protein sources.


    • I agree with you Briana; I always struggle with what to do with myself after finishing my workout and honestly I’m not that strong when it comes to cravings…and I can’t sleep at the gym so my post-workout snacks and smoothies really help me.


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