Meet the *Inspirator*

Hi! My name is Abigail Brady a.k.a Shaudae. I’m a 24-year-old, #Valentine’sDayBaby 🙂 Jamaican young lady with a mission to inspire. I have been given the task, by the powers that be of course, to evolve your thinking, give you my opinion on various topics and products – we’ll talk about beauty do’s and donts and a lot more. This will be our fun boot camp!

What’s a fun boot camp without theme days?! Nothing that’s what! Inspiration Served Daily gives you theme days:

Motivation Monday
Travel Tuesdays
Whatever Wednesdays – we’ll most likely be talking about sex, relationships and beauty tips and tricks
Tasty Thursdays
Fitness Fridays
Spotlight Saturdays – be sure to join the Event and
SuperSoul Sundays.

We’ll basically talk about the way I see the world from my 5″2 stature. Yep I’m short but my words will elevate us to a more positive state of mind.


Join the Movement!


Send me questions (on anything – fitness, relationships, food, earth – you get the gist, whatever comes to mind) or suggestions on topics you would like me to address, I respond to Feedbacks within 2 hours, 24/7.


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