The Spotlight Saturdays Event

Spotlight Saturdays, where I shout-out one blogger and feature their blog post which inspired me for the week, was started in January 2015.

It’s always good to acknowledge people and the hard work they do – blogging ain’t no joke!!

There are posts which speak to us – in a #NextLevel way. We find them through tags; people who follow us; people we follow – wherever you find them – help Inspiration Served Daily to acknowledge them.

How to get in on the action:

1. Spotlight Saturdays is a recurring event, every Saturday – without end – they do not cease to inspire us so why should we stop?!

2. Bloggers should leave a comment, on the Spotlight Post for the week “THE SPOTLIGHT SATURDAYS EVENT!! – TODAY is THE DAY!!!!”, with a link to the blog post which inspired them throughout the week on or before 11:59PM EST on Saturdays; also tell us why the post inspired you! – One entry per blogger.

3. On Saturdays, bloggers are also encouraged to reblog the blog post which inspired them and add the tag ‘SpotlightSaturdaysEvent‘ to their reblogged post. – all entries will get a shout-out!!!

4.The blog post which inspires you can be in any form: a quote, a photo, an article – whatever floats your boat.

5.Every Sunday, there will be a poll where persons can vote for the most inspiring ‘Spotlight Saturdays’ blog post for the previous week.

– Unlimited votes: So get everyone to vote for you or your entry.

– Voting ends at 10AM EST on Mondays.

6. At the end of the poll, the blogger with the most votes will be the Spotlight blogger for the week and will be featured in the ‘Spotlight Blogger‘ tab on Inspiration Served Daily.

– Weekly winners will be announced on Mondays.

7.If you have any questions regarding the Spotlight Saturdays Event, fill out the Contact Form below or leave a comment – I respond to all emails and comments within 2 hours.


* Just a few submission guidelines

– Please be respectful to all entrants – this is a positive aura event!! 🙂

– Spam submissions will be deleted. General requests for readers/feedback/fundraising, and anything obscene will also be deleted.

– Entries against, race, religion and ethnicity are prohibited. Other than that, you’re in! Welcome to the Movement!! 🙂

Inspiration Served Daily…


 Spread the word and join THE MOVEMENT!!!


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